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Fuel GPS

IoT Based

It will track your delivery vehicle like trucks.

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An Overview

1. We created this app for a sand selling business owner.

2. The client ships ships sand across India to different states.

3. A client comes to and said can he track every trucks that he owns, when trucks are on the way.

4. For this, after researching on requirements, we have developed 1 hardware chip that can be easily installable inside client's vehicles.

5. Now the chip is always connected to internet 24/7 with cellular internet and client can track fuel, real time speed, real time location of each vehicle, engine monitoring and more.

Team Discussion

Used technologies stacks

1. Designed for iOS and Android devices.

2. Supports all kind of Mobile and Tablet screen sizes.

3. Java and Swift (Secure & Powerful) programming languages used.

4. Used Adobe XD and Balsamiq for Wireframing, Designing and Prototyping.

5. For back-end PHP, JavaScript and in server side, we have used AWS.


1. There is a proble with managing lots of delivery vehicles at once when you have a lot of them.

2. If you use any vehicle when it needs service, it will damage the vehicle. It's important to monitor engines.

3. In the case of drivers who claim that they're 200km away, how could you believe them? Surely there is something that won't lie to you. It's an app.



1. We have designed and developed smart hardware chip that can monitor your vehicle's engine health, fuel level, location and more.

2. Data is sent to the admin app via the chip via cellular internet, so they can verify the vehicle's information in real time.

Our Implementation


It took 350 Hours to complete the project

Target Audience

Tranportation Agencies

Number of employees

1 Designer, 1 Android Dev, 1 iOS Dev, 1 Back-end Dev (Total 4 employees)



Track your vehicles

Maps Indicator

Various Settings to track

Delightful Results

  • 01- Project Successfully Compeleted within 350 Hours of Hard Work

  • 02- Project successfully deployed in real world

  • 03- Transportation agencies are loving our software

  • 04- Our project eases work of owners to track their vehicles their location and also monitors various things

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