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Fluke - Dating App


Date, Video & Voice call, Messaging, Meet new people.

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An Overview

1. Search for new people nearby and start chatting with a quick text or video call.

2. Upload your photos, complete your profile with your information to get hire chances to match.

3. Back end dashboard to control the app and used AWS for server service, added firebase analytics.

4. Designed for Android and iOS devices.

Team Discussion

Used technologies stacks

1. Designed for iOS and Android devices.

2. Supports iPhones and iPads and all Android devices.

3. Used Swift & Java languages, along with Xcode & Android studio with third party integration.

4. Provides support for iOS 9 and later & Android 8 and later.

5. Screens and prototypes were designed using Adobe XD.

6. Used AWS, PHP, NodeJS, Firebase for back-end.


1. The biggest challenge we faced is to handle video calls when so many users are active on video, it's hard to handle servers.

2. Finding people with similar interests by capturing interests from each person.

3. Before, meeting people was harder, now just download the app and start finding people to hangout.



1. We have employed, expert developers to make video calls simple and fast, and we have accomplished exactly that.

2. Used the AI algorithm to determine user interests and to match then with similar users in order to satisfy matched users.

3. It's very easy to find people with this app, just match and chat.

Our Implementation


It took 340 Hours to build

Target Audience

18 - 26 Aged people

Number of employees

1 iOS Dev, 1 Android Dev, 1 Designer, 2 Back-end Dev (Total 5 employees)


Lagos, Nigeria

Select your preferences

Lots of country

Post beautiful content

Lots of people to find

Access to all recent activities

Call your favourite ones

Delightful Results

  • 01- Project Successfully Compeleted within 340 Hours of Hard Work

  • 02- Project Successfully Deployed in the Real World

  • 03-Youngsters are loving our idea

  • 04- Lots of positive reviews

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Hazeez Paul.

" has demonstrated impressive development skills, developing challenging features for the app without external assistance. Additionally, they’re very communicative and timely, and they deliver assets when promised. The client is very satisfied with them and wants to continue the relationship." - Hazeez Paul