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An Overview

1. Users can sell and but clothing products online.

2. You can post products with price, name, description, multiple sizes, even you can like, comment and share the product to your friends and family with dashboard.

3. Create your beautiful profile, it includes all the personal and company information.

4. Payment gateway integration, pay online with cards, PayPal and more.

Team Discussion

Used technologies stacks

1. Designed for Android and iOS devices.

2. Compatible with android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPad.

3. Used Swift and Java programming languages, along with Xcode and Android Studio with third party pods installation.

4. Provides support for iOS 9+ and Android 8+.

5. Prototypes and screens were designed in Adobe XD.

6. PHP, AWS, NodeJS, Laravel are used for back-end.


1. If we want to buy clothes, we have to go to every shop to find the right clothes. It's very time-consuming and there are fewer options.

2. It's hard to check ratings of every shop's clothes, shop owners can only show you positive ratings.



1. Using this App you can choose right clothes to shop with ratings, number of likes, and by checking comments on each clothing post, so you can choose right cloth for you.

2. With just a simple registration, you can also sell products on this app.

Our Implementation


It took 450 Hours to build

Target Audience

People and Shop owners

Number of employees

1 iOS Dev, 1 Designer, 1 Back-end Dev (Total 3 employees)


United States of America (USA)

Product View

Various ways to register

Lots of categories

Personal details

Start selling your products

Delightful Results

  • 01- Project Successfully Compeleted within 450 Hours of Hard Work

  • 02- Project Successfully Deployed in the Real World

  • 03- Shopkeepers are loving our idea

  • 04- The project helps shops to expands their business

  • 05- Lots of positive reviews

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Jai Jai S.

"Overall, Rutvik Hirani has been a pleasure to work with and a vital member of Click's team. I am delighted and grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and look forward to our future working relationship." - Jai jai S.


Devon W.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rutvik for months now, and as someone who has worked with professional coders in the past, Rutvik has delivered a high level of both quality and professionalism at every turn. He engages in discussions and contributes incredible ideas, is a highly effective communicator, and also he's a great person in general! He knows what he is talking about and also how to clearly explain his ideas and thoughts, and whenever he is given a suggestion feedback on the product, he approaches it with a constructive approach that should be admired in any team setting. I would highly recommend Rutvik for any project or task within his offerings. Five stars."
- Devon W


Liber M.

"Rutvik and his team did an awesome job. they completed all work on time and went above and beyond. finish all the tasks to the best of their abilities." - Liber M.


Sachit C.

"Rutvik has deep understanding of all the work he do. He wrote clean code and is ready to revise it unlimited times depending on client satisfaction. I had hired him 3 times and he always deliver the product before time." - Sachit C


Monique P.

"This team is a talented developers, with a high awareness of details. With very knowledgeable when it comes to tech terms, and explaining it to you as a client. Team goes above and beyond for his clients. The language and time differences aren't a barrier when working especially with Rutvik. I feel confident and satisfied. knowing that my ideas will be executed and come to life." - Monique P.


Hazeez Paul.

" has demonstrated impressive development skills, developing challenging features for the app without external assistance. Additionally, they’re very communicative and timely, and they deliver assets when promised. The client is very satisfied with them and wants to continue the relationship." - Hazeez Paul


Jaysukh B.

" is a highly skilled team that provides excellent work with good advice. Unlike other providers, we communicate clearly. I would not hesitate to work with them again." - Jayshukh B